Our Facilities & Services

The Learning Environment

We are a small setting where children of all ages play together, we believe that this is so important for their social skills, development and understanding of others, it also enables siblings of different ages to be together all day.

The children have their own individual space equipped with everything needed for them to learn through play. We plan activities around the children’s interests and their next steps in development, with consideration for the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Characteristics of Effective Learning. Children experience their local environment through weekly trips out, whether that be to the local library or a Sure Start Center.

We work very closely with parents and carers and through observations of the children we ensure that their individual interests, stage of development and their next steps are catered for by experienced practitioners who skillfully find teachable moments throughout the day to progress children’s learning.


Baby’s Days Outstanding Childcare Software for parents

To ensure regular communications with parents and carers we use the software- Baby’s Days. This software gives parents exclusive access to their children’s daily activities including daily activities, photographs, daily notes, sleep times, bottle feeds, toilet records, nappy changes, progress reports, policies, permissions, invoices, contracts, medications, newsletters and much much more. Live feeds display events that take place in date and time order so are constantly updated about their child’s day, throughout your day. The Baby’s Days app is available on iphone, android as well as connecting to your laptop, PC or Mac. 


The Staff team

The dedicated team at Loobyloos Childcare are fully qualified Level 3 Early Years Educators with up to date Paediatric First Aid and Safeguarding Qualifications. They undergo regular professional development to ensure that they are able to offer the best care and learning for children of all ages. We also provide training opportunities for those wanting to pursue a career in childcare or teaching.


Plant based/ Vegetarian Menu

At Loobyloos Childcare all meals and snacks are included. We are a plant based / vegetarian setting and children enjoy a varied healthy diet with special care taken to ensure that they get all the nutrients they need. All allergies are catered for. The menu changes weekly and all food is cooked fresh on site. Children are encourage to help themselves to breakfast, pour their own cereal or spread their own toast and independently make up sandwiches from a selection of fillings at dinner (age appropriate of course). Fresh fruit and drinking water is available throughout the day for children to help themselves. Weaning children are catered for and so too are children who require bottle feeds as parents are encouraged to supply formula milk.  

Please see below an sample menu.

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