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About us

Established in 2006 Loobyloos Childcare Ltd is a small childcare setting owned and managed by Louise Myers. Louise is a qualified Early Years Teacher with over 17 years’ experience of working with children and adults in education. Louise works with a small team of qualified childcare practitioners to provide excellent day care for children from babies to 4 years old.

As an Ofsted Registered setting we offer part time and full time childcare in Lincoln. Loobyloos Childcare follows the Early Years Foundation Stage standards and curriculum to provide excellent opportunities for children to learn and develop.  

Loobyloos Childcare offers funded childcare spaces for eligible 2, 3 and 4 year olds. As well as offering full day care places for non-funded children.


At Loobyloos Childcare we all share the same values, these are to provide a safe, stimulating environment that fosters the learning, development, and well-being of every child in our care. We believe that children should be welcomed into a safe clean relaxed and well-resourced environment which creates every possible opportunity for a child to learn through play. We also pride ourselves in working closely with parents and carers to meet all child’s individual needs…


Our daughter has been looked after by the team at Loobyloos since she was 1, she is over 3 now and the care she’s had there over the years has been wonderful. The things she learns is always impressive, and the communication between the staff and parents always makes me feel like I am not missing out when we are working. When our child is not there, she asks to go! Lots of attention to detail, from the garden environment (with so many animals too!) to the food she eats. I would not hesitate to recommend it for your child.


C. Jacklin

Our daughter has been going to Loobyloos Childcare since she was five-and-a-half months old, which has now been just over a year. Since she started at the nursery, we have noticed her development improve week-by-week. Our Health Visitor even told us that she was advanced for her age, which she said is likely to do with the stimulation she receives from nursery.

We are so grateful to Louise, Teresa and Alix for looking after our daughter every week day and can’t praise their methods enough. It is fantastic that the children are able to learn how to look after a variety of animals, grow their own food and have lots of outdoor play.

Our daughter is so excited to go to nursery everyday and we are so glad to have found Loobyloos.


Hannah & Huw x

I was recommended Loobyloos through a friend and with hindsight, this has been the best recommendation. As a first time mother I didn’t know what I was actually looking for, I had a list initially but as times gone on, I realised the actual list is completely different.

From the first show around, I was met with tremendously warmth welcome, this still continues at every drop off/ pick up. All my questions, information minutiae and anything else is listened too and I am made to feel comfortable.

Louise and the team, are for me, second to none. I can see and feel their warmth for my daughter and that piece of mind is invaluable.

Loobyloos use Baby Days, which is the most comprehensive tool I’ve seen, the team update me in live time on what my daughter is doing at any given moment. This means that I can manage her time more effectively when I collect.

The menus are tasty, healthy and updated and rotated. When I drop my daughter off, I genuinely relax because I know that she’s being cared for like I do. I love getting updates, knowing what toys have been explored and what educational milestones are being achieved.

There’s a reason why Louise has a waiting list and this is down to the provision of everything; staff, setting, knowledge, flexibility, communication, care and community to name a few in my new long ‘actual’ list.

A million thank you’s

Hannah & Emily

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